Why CBD ?

Cannabidiol (CBD) naturally exists in the Hemp and Cannabis Plant. The Cannabis Plant also contains THC which is still illegal in many states. That is why hemp based CBD is preferred as it does not have the amount of THC that would be over the legal limit of any state or country. For thousands of years people have known about the benefits of hemp as a supplement to help with many different functions in the body that are readily available all over the internet. Over the past century, the idea and usage has been skewed and made out to be more in lines of a recreational drug rather than a medicinal herb or supplement. With many states and countries legalizing marijuana, the hemp industry has taken off and the research on the healing properties is still in its early phases. CBD works with your Endocannabinoid System in your body to help regulate your stress levels, sleep, anxiety, behavior, metabolism, reproduction, pain, and immune functions.

No, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and therefore cannot get you high. CBD products should be used as a supplement to help in your overall health, but they will not be worthwhile if someone is looking to fly.

Yes, CBD is legal in all 50 states in the United States.

Opinions of scientists who have done research on CBD for years have concluded that 10mg per day of CBD is a normal daily dosage for health maintenance. In certain cases, you might need to up your dosage, but this should be done responsibly. All of our products have 10 mg per serving of CBD.

No, as of right now we only know that the body can absorb a certain amount of CBD at a time. More CBD ingestion leads to a path of uncertainty. Fortunately, with Bioavailable CBD (BioCBD) like with our products if you ingest more than your body needs, the excess will find its way out of your system safely. Products that are not BioCBD can stay in your system and there is still not enough research as to where they would be deposited. Just like with anything else you put in your body, make sure that your quality and quantity are at the optimal levels.

The key to our products are in our Bioavailable CBD and patented formulas. The BioCBD itself allows for the ingested amount of supplement to be absorbed by the body and none is wasted like in other CBD products, specifically oils. Remember, oil and water do not mix outside of the body. Why would they mix inside the body? You can only absorb and benefit from a small fraction of the CBD whereas with BioCBD you absorb the whole amount. More often than not you start to feel the effect on your body within minutes. In addition, our products combine CBD with other natural ingredients to give our consumer an enhanced, rich experience for what they are looking for.

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